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Capital Allowances for Property Occupiers

Many property occupiers wrongly assume that they have no entitlement to Capital Allowances and therefore, fail to take advantage of the valuable tax relief available to them.

Whether you are a freeholder or leaseholder, if you incur expenditure on a commercial property, our team of specialists can help maximise your entitlement ensuring you realise the full entitlement and much needed tax savings.

Property Occupier

Services Available

Banking Tax & Finance offers a wide range of services to property lenders helping you plan and maximise your entitlement to Capital Allowances at every stage of a project. Select one of the four service buttons below to identify relevant PDF documents opposite.


Our specialists will help you protect your entitlement prior to exchange. We can even make a claim on a purchase where Capital Allowances were overlooked in the past.


Our specialists will help you structure the disposal of a property in a way that allows you to retain some or all of the benefit of Capital Allowances already claimed.


Any type of commercial construction contract will, with a few exceptions, include expenditure which qualifies for Capital Allowances.


On a typical refurbishment project it is not uncommon to find that more than 75% of the cost is qualifying expenditure, either for Capital Allowances or revenue deduction.

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